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Author Topic: Godox TT685S flash  (Read 1485 times)


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Godox TT685S flash
« on: March 25, 2019, 08:44:47 PM »
As a mainly Canon shooter who has recently added a Sony Alpha 7 Mk III I’ve been looking round for accessories. My lenses are already covered using a Metabones adapter to use my Canon ones on the Sony body. This is working out very well.

Those who have used Sony camera will know that they have a penchant for using odd hotshoe mounts and the A7 series is no different, making use of their MI shoe guide. That left me looking for a new flash to work with it. Among my requirements were for it to be TTL compatible.

Asking about several people said they were using Godox flash in various forms and were all happy. So, after a bit of research I plumped for their TT685S from Amazon. Coming in around the £90 mark it has impressive specs at a significantly lower cost than the Sony offerings.

After unpacking and fitting fresh batteries, I stuck if on the camera for a few test shots. Recycle time is quick and firing off a few shots it quick succession the resultant images showed very even exposure.

The unit feels solid to hold, pretty much like the quality of the Canon 480ex (the only OEM flash I have to hand to compare with) and came with a nice soft  case to store it in. For the money I have been unable to fault it so far. Only time will let if that continues.