Annual Exhibition 2019

Our annual exhibition for 2019 in now closed. Thank you to all those who took the time to visit. We do hope you enjoyed what you saw. If you have been inspired by it please think about coming along to one of our weekly meetings. Details can be found in the syllabus. 

New Competition Rules

The committee has approved the proposed changes to rules and how points are gained in all internal club competitions. This includes new bonuses for entering all competitions and scoring of points down to 10th place. Full details of these changes can be found in the revised club rules.

Forum resurrection

Some time ago SaDPS retired it's forum due to low activity levels set against high maintenance costs to keep it going. Following testing on another site using the Simple Machines Forum engine it is now back. The SMF format entails much much less work to keep going so post away.

Interclub battle with Atherton and District Photographic Society

On November 5th we welcomed our near neighbours Atherton and District Photographic Society for our annual battle with them. They were well represented on the night with a good number of their members present and made very welcome as always.


A good selection of high quality prints and D.P.I.s were entered by both clubs making the task of judge, Ove Alexander of Stockport Photographic Society, all the more difficult. We are extremely grateful to him for his critique and constructive comments and marking accordingly.


The scores for the prints was Swinton 170pts. Atherton 158pts.


The scores for the D.P.Is. was Swinton 159pts. Atherton 165pts.


Overall scores therefore Swinton 329pts Atherton 323pts.


So just 6 pts separating us.


Commiserations to Atherton and we look forward to the return next year when I'm sure they will endeavour to reverse this result. Many thanks to the judge of the evening,Ove Alexander C.P.A.G.B., our club members whose images were used, Stephen Ryan (our Competition Secretary) for sorting out our entries, Keith Richardson Atherton's Competition Secretary and his fellow members.


Keith R. Barber F.I.Sc.T. C.P.A.G.B; L.R.P.S.




Salford Then And Now

This exhibition has now ended.    Swinton & District Photographic Society was proud to participate in the Salford Then And Now project by exhibiting prints at Ordsall Hall between February 8th and May 10th 2015.    The exhibition consisted of a series of prints from photographs taken in the previous year alongside their old black and white version shot from the same location.    Feedback from the Hall was excellent with them stating higher numbers and longer linger times as people reminisced.   More details of the ongoing great work being carried out by Ian Sutton and his team, mainly willing volunteers, can be found at A press release on the event can be found here.