The answers to many questions can be found within the club rules. Below are some of the most common ones and their relevent answer.

Images for DPI competitions.

Q. What size should my projected images be for internal club competitions?

For consistency you must size your images to match that used by the L&CPU who are following sizing adopted by the PAGBt. From March 2017 sizing will be 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. If your image pixel sizing is less than that required in either direction then the unused area must be filled with black. The L&CPU impose a maximum file size of 2Mb.

Q. What colour profile and file format should I use?

You should convert your images to the sRGB colour space and save them as JPG. Images in the wrong colour space may be rejected. 

Q. Can I email by DPI entries for monthly and themed competitions?

All entries are now submitted with the Photoentry portal. Login details will be supplied to those members requiring it. Entries cannot be submitted via email expect with express prior consent from the competition secretary.

Images For Print Competitions.

Q. What size should my prints be for monthly club competitions?

All prints for internal competitions are allowed up to a maximum size of A4 unless otherwise specified. Prints must not be mounted.

Q. What size should my DPI's and prints be for external competitions?

The size for DPI's for external competitions is usually the same as for our internal competitions but can vary. Prints are usually on mount board 40cm by 50cm. For the required size it is always best to refer to the rules for the competition in question.

Prints For The Annual Exhibition.

Q. What size should my prints be for the annual exhibition?

Prints for the annual exhibition are displayed mounted on board sized to 50 by 40 cm (note that the L&CPU now reject images mounted to the nearest equivalnet in inches) and the print therein should be no smaller than 80 square inches (516 square cm). Mount board may be able to be purchased from the society. In recent years this has been white.

Membership Questions.

Q. Who Can Join?

Anyone of any ability, from novice to professional, with an interest in photography is very welcome to join.

Q. Is there a membership fee?

Yes. The current subscription fee can be obtained by asking the club's treasurer. Discounted rates are available for senior citizens and junior members.

Q. Are there any other fees payable?

A £1 fee will be charged at the weekly meetings. This fee will also cover refreshments.

Q. Do I have to pay my subscription fee straight away?

Prospective members are able to visit the club to experience what we offer prior to making any commitment to join. The only limitation during that time is that you will be unable to enter any of the internal or external competitions.

Q. When are subscriptions due?

Subscription fees for the following year are set by the club’s treasurer and agreed at the A.G.M in mid April each year. Fees are payable thereafter.Subscription fees for those member who join part way through the year will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Q. Who manages the club's website?

The webite was created, around a template obtained from Cyclingclubpro and is managed by honorary member Stephen Roberts. Please do not email the web administrator with offers of SEO or other services. These emails will go unanswered.